What is the Eternal Flame Fund?

The Eternal Flame Fund is supported by gifts from the congregation for projects with the Marvin Church facility not covered by the annual operating budget. One hundred percent of every gift is utilized for church projects as determined by the Church Board of Trustees. Every church member is encouraged to support the fund with an annual gift of $75 or more, $6.25 a month!

Ways to give to support the Eternal Flame Fund

If you want to make a gift to the Eternal Flame Fund, it’s easy to give. Click here to donate online. Every individual donating $75, or more, is a member of the Flame Alive giving group.

Why do I support the Eternal Flame Fund?

We support Marvin’s Eternal Flame Fund because we love our church and we want it to continue to be a beautiful and safe place in which to worship.  We also want to honor those who have gone before us who sacrificed to build and sustain God’s kingdom here.  As beneficiaries of their foresight and in recognition of the abundance of God’s love that we experience here, we want to be good stewards of the legacy we’ve been given so that those who come behind us will find us faithful.  
- Debbie and Randy Cook 

We believe in taking care of the things we love and we love Marvin Church.  We want it to be just as strong and vibrant
100 years from now as it is today. So, contributing to the Eternal Flame Fund just makes good sense.
- Anne and Garth Pattullo

The Eternal Flame Fund is more than just a dinner event held each year to raise funds for MUMC.  This so important fund has helped out MUMC and our church family in the past when other resources were not available to maintain our beautiful church.  The strong continuance of the Eternal Flame Fund is critical to not only our present times but also the future of MUMC. 
- Claire and Jeremy Cozad

Thank you for giving generously to the Eternal Flame Fund!

Our people are our greatest asset for worship, missions and outreach. Eternal Flame Fund members who give $75 or more during the year are members of Flame Alive – a giving group of the Eternal Flame Fund. Why $75? An annual gift of $75 to the fund equals $6.25 a month for one year to help care for your church - the cost of lunch to care for your church, which impacts the lives of our members and the community who come in and out of our doors for worship, for education, for service and for community. Consider making a gift to support the Eternal Flame Fund in 2021!

One hundred percent of every gift supports the Eternal Flame Fund for the ongoing care of our church facility. Your gifts make a difference.

  • In 2018 and 2019, your gifts of $1.2 million supported the restoration of the sanctuary stained glass windows.
  • In 2017, your gifts of $632,775.48 replaced our 35-year-old HVAC system.
  • In 2016, your gifts totaling $105,485.15 provided $90,550 to replace or repair 11 flat roofs; $5,547.15 for the installation of cameras in the third-floor youth area; $1,050 for LED lighting where fixtures had failed; $595 for an asbestos inspection; and $7,743 for asbestos abatement before the HVAC system was replaced.

Thank you for your generosity!


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