“Do this in remembrance of Me”—These words mean so much to many who are no longer able to physically attend church. Would you like to deliver Holy Communion to homebound members? We are looking for people to organize homebound Communion on the first Sunday of every month, the same day we celebrate Communion at church.

Do you think only pastors can serve Communion? Not so. Our United Methodist Discipline provides for laity to assist in the sharing of bread and cup—a celebration of the whole church. Everything you will need will be provided along with instructions and encouragement.

Since we began our homebound Communion ministry, we have served Communion to hundreds of households. Yet we are still unable to meet the demands for homebound Communion, and requests continue to increase. In addition to the efforts of our committed team, we ask the congregation for help in delivering Communion to homebound households on the first Sunday of each month.

Be on the lookout for Communion bags near the Welcome Center. You are invited to take a bag on your way out of church and share Communion that afternoon. The bags will include simple instructions.

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