The beginning
Ben Sutton was a great ambassador for Christianity, a great witness whose heart was with his local church, according to his wife, Elizabeth. Mrs. Sutton wanted to memorialize her husband in a meaningful way, a way that would last through the years and benefit others. She found the perfect way to memorialize Ben: She encouraged church leadership to establish the Marvin United Methodist Church Foundation and she furnished seed money.

In January of 2017, the Marvin Charge Conference voted to establish the Foundation.

Your gifts
Foundation gifts are legacy gifts, with the interest being used to bless the church forever. Each gift is important, laying a foundation for our church for years to come. 

Please write a separate check and make your check payable to the Marvin United Methodist Church Foundation when making a gift.  

How will it be used?
Gifts to the Foundation will be held in trust, and only the interest will be used to meet church needs that fall outside of the regular operating budget. Our Foundation’s bylaws specify that 50 percent of income shall be used for the physical building, 20 percent for missions and 30 percent for discretionary purposes as approved by the Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Invest in the future
MUMC Foundation gifts show gratitude for Marvin Church. You can invest in the Church’s future with a gift that will outlive you.