If you landed here on the Next Step Chart, you are beginning to experience who Jesus is and how you can deepen your connection with God. To satisfy the curiosity inside, you may be trying out opportunities for serving others and studying the Bible, like small groups, personal spiritual practices, and attending worship.


1. Growing in Community
Sunday school, mid-week Bible studies and reading through the Bible in a Year are opportunities for engaging with Scripture in the context of community.

2. Service (to and through the church)
Through service, we experience the presence of God by offering ourselves as living sacrifices to our church family as we use our time and gifts to help strengthen it and to the world as we are sent to be agents of hope. Learn about opportunities to serve within Marvin and to serve outside of Marvin.

3. Retreats
Getting out of our regular routine and patterns for a weekend can position us to hear God in new and deeper ways. Retreats at Marvin are seasonal.

4. Life-to-Life
One of the best ways to move along your faith-path is to experience growth with someone who has been on the journey as well. Life to Life will connect you with a mentor to walk through this 12-week study together. Contact Marc Donaldson to assist with finding a mentor.

5. Cultivating a Spritual Life
Begin to cultivate a daily habit of gratitude, scripture-reflection, and prayer using Marvin’s 40-day Spiritual Life guide.

Contact Marc Donaldson for more information.