If you landed here on the Next Steps Chart, you are in a deeper, more personal relationship with Jesus. You place value on being with God, along with still doing for God. Others will likely notice ways that your belief is changing your character, daily routines and expectations.


1. Class Meetings (Life Groups)
The Class Meeting is a weekly opportunity for people to lovingly engage one another in conversations about their souls and how the Holy Spirit is at work in and around them. 

2. Mentoring (Life-to-Life)
Develop a spiritual friendship with someone wanting to go through the one-on-one Life to Life experience. Leading and encouraging another person is a catalyst for our own faith journey. To be a mentor, you must have completed Life to Life with a mentor yourself. Contact Marc Donaldson to become a mentor.

3. Deeper Spiritual Disciplines (Tools)
Utilize Marvin’s Deeper Spiritual Discipline “Tools” to self-guide in less-practiced spiritual disciplines (fasting, solitude, sabbath and silence). Contact Marc Donaldson for more info.

Contact Marc Donaldson for more information.