Mothers of Preschoolers

Groups meet twice a month and help women build support groups that love them like family. It’s a place for moms to share their hopes, fears and insight.

Mothers of Preschoolers is for mothers of children from birth to kindergarten. A MOPS group empowers you to link arms with other moms and journey together through motherhood. MOPS meets at 10 a.m. on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month.

This is a combination classic MOPS plus MOMS Next group for those who are unable to attend during the day. We know you are busy and we know that being a good mother is at the top of your priorities list. MOPS at Night is ready to help. MOPS After Dark meets from 5:45 until 7:30 p.m. on the second and fourth Mondays of the month. For more information call or text Stacey (512.468.1367).

Child care is available for all groups. Register early to reserve a spot. There is a $25 registration fee and additional childcare dues are paid by the semester. Confidential scholarships are available to assist with financial costs.